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Hello and Welcome
Starling Bodywork

Starling Bodywork is

body centered healing through the art and science of therapeutic touch, movement, cupping, breath guidance and other somatic practices and other skill sets.


Specializing in addressing stress & relaxation, injury rehabilitation, injury prevention,  repetitive stress concerns, postural imbalances and the overall physical recovery of life and living.


Experienced with treating specific issues such as frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome, sciatica, carpal tunnel, post surgery hip replacement, migraines and headaches, scoliosis,  IT syndrome, tmj(d), and more.

This work is suitable for all bodies and ages.


Trauma & PTSD informed, Queer and Trans affirming, Black Lives Matter, Neurodivergent friendly and understanding, Immigrants welcome.

20 years experience

Masks are optional. Your massage therapist is happy to wear an N95 if you like.


Time booked is for the hands-on treatment. Please plan on additional time in your schedule during this visit to include the pre-session intake and post-session follow up, anywhere from 10 - 25 minutes. Each person is unique. Your visits are not rushed and additional time is accounted for between clients for this important step. 

River Wood, lmt. cct.
licensed massage therapist & certified cupping therapist
owner and operator


River is a mindfulness based bodyworker with 20+ years experience, licensed and practicing since 2004.  Their style is a personalized blend of science, intuition and artistry aiming to balance deeply effective work that also tranquilizes the nervous system.

Specialties include working with, injuries, repetitive stress concerns, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, low back pain, chronic conditions, headaches, postural imbalances and stress management. Each session is tailored to every individual's unique needs and concerns.

River has a background working in massage education, medical settings as well as 5 star destination resort spas. They have been working solely in private practice since 2015.

They began their career with a passionate interest in Shiatsu, Acupressure, Structural Integration, and Movement. Cupping came along as a beautiful complement to Eastern Bodywork treatments as well as an excellent tool for releasing fascial restrictions and supporting relaxation. As a long time practitioner of yoga, new deep interests into Vedic Thai massage and other Ayurvedic medicines have invigorated their life's practice in the healing arts.


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