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For optimal protection, masks are strongly encouraged

Your massage therapist is vaccinated and has N95 masks on hand to wear for anyone at anytime.


Hello and Welcome

Starling Bodywork
Therapeutic Massage & Cupping

specializes in relaxation, injury rehabilitation, repetitive stress concerns, TMJ/TMJD, postural imbalances and sports maintenance.

cupping is available for any session at no extra cost

Meet your licensed massage therapist and certified cupping therapist. Owner and operator

River Wood, lmt. cct.



River is a results oriented bodyworker with nearly 20 years experience, licensed and practicing since 2004.  Their style is a personalized blend of science and intuition aiming to balance deeply effective work that is also relaxing. Whether your need is to address a specific injury or to reduce to the effects of stress through relaxation, River has a varied skill-set to address your needs and concerns.

Specialties include working with athletes, injuries, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, low back pain, chronic conditions, postural imbalances and stress management. Each session is tailored to every individual's unique needs and concerns.



River has worked in massage education as a teacher's assistant and later became an instructor focusing on Structural Integration, Movement, Acupressure and Shiatsu. They have worked with chiropractors, doctors and nurses and also spent several years working in destination resorts and spas. These experiences have shaped a beautiful balance of science and intuitive artistry.  Just because it feels good doesn't mean it's not healthcare. 

They have been working in their own practice since moving to Louisville in 2015.

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